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Sexy Pasties From Eden Fantasys

  • Rainbow stars
  • Description:These charming nipple pasties are self-adhesive and perfect for fun sexy outfit.
  • Sequin stars
  • Description:These self-adhesive star-shaped pasties are a classy addition to any sexy party outfit.
  • Skulls
  • Description:Rock these self-adhesive nipple pasties for Halloween or heavy metal party.
  • Black cross pasties
  • Description:Start your fetish adventure by completing your look with these self-adhesive cross shape nipple pasties.
  • Flower pasties
  • Description:A super sexy set of two flower-shaped pasties is a real must-have in your hot lingerie collection. The pasties are self-adhesive and can be easily removed.
  • Sequin cones
  • Description:Super sexy, these classy nipple covers will look great with an open bust outfit.
  • Disco glitter cones
  • Description:Become a sexy disco queen with these shiny, cone shaped nipple pasties.
  • Shiny heart pasties
  • Description:Have some naughty fun while rocking these heart shaped pasties detailed with bright red sequins. They are ideal for any occasion or romantic evening when being naughty is oh so nice.
  • F*** Me x-pasties
  • Description:This set of two X-shaped pasties features "Fuck Me" printed in white and a waterproof adhesive that stays on until gently removed.
  • Lace heart pasties
  • Description:These heart pasties feature black lace and have a latex-free, medical-grade, waterproof adhesive that leaves no residue when gently removed.
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