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Boxers & Shorts

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  • Fantasy Excite Gun Metal Tight Boxer Shorts
  • Description:Ensure yourself a rip-roaring good time when you reveal these skintight, tearaway boxer shorts to your partner. Made from a gleaming metallic lam?® fabric that highlights your bulge and butt, the skimpy cut can be torn away thanks to the side poppers.
  • Price:$23.99
  • Male Power Luxurious Soft Enhancer Boxer Shorts
  • Description:Sexy boxer shorts with a super-soft finish that's begging to be touched, Male Power's pants are comfortable enough for every day yet luxurious enough for special nights away. Ribbed lines in a clever style amplify your package for extra appeal.
  • Price:$24.99
  • Envy Low Rise Cotton Boxer Briefs
  • Description:Is there a banana in your pants or are you just pleased to see us? Made from breathable cotton, these low-rise trunks from Envy boost your package into an impressive eye-catching bulge. Stylish, streamlined and comfortable, they're ideal for any occasion.
  • Price:$22.99
  • Hustler Men's Wet Look Trunks
  • Description:Smoother than Sean Connery drinking single malt on the bonnet of an Aston Martin, these wet look boxers are seriously hot pants. Made from a Spandex-mix that clings to your outline, the gleam of the fabric accentuates your manhood for instant impact.
  • Price:$19.99
  • Svenjoyment Wide Net Boxers
  • Description:Make like Aquaman and get a little fishnet in your life with these revealing, racy boxers from Svenjoyment. Totally sheer at the front and back for a flattering finish, the wide weave shows off your buns and package while holding it all in place.
  • Price:$18.99
  • Male Power Liquid Onyx PU-Coated Pouch Short
  • Description:Super-shiny and super-stretchy, these boxers will let you shine in all the right places and move in all the right ways. They are butt-cinchingly tight but have a roomy front pouch ensuring a sexy look in absolute comfort.
  • Price:$26.99
  • Svenjoyment Zip Up Open Back Shorts
  • Description:Slick, sexy style has never been so simple as with these zip-up Svenjoyment boxer shorts. Let your lover delight in the sight of the bulge-boosting wet-look fabric, before slipping down the zip and guiding their hand to the open back for a frisky caress.
  • Price:$29.99
  • Svenjoyment Lace Boxer Shorts
  • Description:Flirty and feminine, these lace boxer shorts are perfect for the man looking to add a bit of glamor to the bedroom. Shaped in a similar way to women's French knickers, the high-cut style shows off your buns while still leaving ample room for your fellas.
  • Price:$19.99
  • Male Power New Extreme Criss-Cross Wet Look Boxer Shorts
  • Description:Accentuate your manhood and show off your super-sexy buns with these bondage-inspired boxer shorts from Male Power. An elasticized criss-cross back is achingly sexy, while a soft dart pouch at the front is seductive, supportive and utterly confident.
  • Price:$32.99
  • Male Power New Extreme Wet Look Garter Shorts
  • Description:Who doesn't love a chap in chaps? Male Power's attention-grabbing wet look garter shorts are carefully cut to show off your hips and butt, with a central darted pouch giving your guys a little extra lift and support. Can you say, kinky?
  • Price:$32.99
  • Male Power Stretch Lace Boxer Shorts
  • Description:Keep your sensual smalls comfortable AND sexy with these luscious lacy boxer shorts, and discover the thrilling feeling of lace against your skin. Cut with a comfortable darted pouch at the front, the fitted design emphasizes your bulge and buns.
  • Price:$21.99
  • Male Power Stretch Lace Cut-Out Boxer Shorts
  • Description:Featuring cheekier peepholes than a What-the-Butler-Saw machine, these racy, lacy boxers from Male Power are perfect for letting it all hang out. Their rear opening is perfect for a touch of spanking, with the front cut-out gives total intimate access.
  • Price:$19.99
  • Male Power Shiny Spandex Trunk Shorts
  • Description:Cut in a flattering hipster-style, these seductive and stretchy trunks from Male Power have a bum-hugging fit and a comfortable pouch at the front to accentuate your manhood. Their a superior styling and fit enhances the contours of your body shape.
  • Price:$19.99
  • Male Power Wet Look Zipper Shorts
  • Description:Here's a challenge: see how long you can keep the front zip of these seriously sexy shorts fastened for before your lover's wandering hands tug it down. We bet it won't be long. The soft, wet look feel fabric hugs your body to accentuate your best bits.
  • Price:$26.99
  • Fantasy Excite See Through Striped Boxer Shorts
  • Description:Sheer sex appeal is quite literally the name of the game in these striped mesh boxers. Featuring alternating opaque and see-through horizontal stripes to give a tantalizing glimpse of your bare skin, the skintight cut accentuates the shape of your tackle.
  • Price:$16.99
  • Zeus by Allure Fetishwear Wet Look Zip Boxers
  • Description:Just when you think these Zeus wet look boxers couldn't get any more racy and revealing, down goes the front zip to trace your tiger line and reveal your bulge beneath. Form fitting and flattering, these boxers are offer high-impact fetish appeal.
  • Price:$22.99
  • Male Power Black Cobra Print Tight Boxer Shorts
  • Description:Look ssssssuper ssssexy as your ssssstrip off at bedtime with these snakeskin print boxer shorts from Male Power. A racy style and dart pouch offer an enhanced look for your manhood, with a snug fit to showcase your pert cheeks.
  • Price:$22.99
  • Svenjoyment Baroque See Through Boxer Shorts
  • Description:Why go for plain when patterned looks this good? These eye-catching boxers from Svenjoyment are patterned with a baroque lace for a sensually masculine take on seductive style, with sheer panels to show off your package, too.
  • Price:$22.99
  • Male Power Poseidon Fetish Thong and Shorts
  • Description:Channel god-like sex appeal in these daringly different chap-style shorts. Not only does the cut-out style give access to your inner thighs and buns, but the central posing pouch can be ripped away to reveal your trident. Poseidon? Pose-eidon, more like.
  • Price:$39.99
  • Male Power Tight Wet Look Boxer Shorts
  • Description:Boom! Pow! Get set to strike your finest superhero pose in these shiny, skintight boxers. Made from a soft, satin-feel fabric that hugs your bulge and butt for extra emphasis, you won't need mind-control powers to entice your partner into the bedroom.
  • Price:$21.99
  • Envy Sheer Sexy Male Briefs
  • Description:Keep things brief with this form-fitting pair from Envy. The fitted mesh trunks sit flatteringly high on the leg and low on the waist, while the sheer mesh material exposes hints of flesh across your bottom and hips.
  • Price:$19.99

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