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Mens Fetish Underwear

  • Latex Thong
  • Description:Show off your buns in this skintight latex thong to look and feel undeniably sexy from top to toe. As much of a treat to wear as it is to admire, this figure-hugging panty clings to your bits in an oh-so satiating way while arousing all who gaze upon you.
  • Price:$19.99
  • Late X Showmaster Latex Briefs
  • Description:Show off the goods in these latex briefs for men! Low cut on the hips, these full briefs keep you covered in the back but open at the front thanks to a secret Showmaster opening. Slip your manhood through the peephole to enhance your erection in style.
  • Price:$19.99
  • Late X Collection Latex Triple Penetrator Dildo Pants
  • Description:Triple the fun! Top quality 100% natural latex briefs with not one, not two, but three dildos attached - an outer dildo to use on your partner, and two internal ones to maximise your pleasure!
  • Price:$54.99
  • Male Power Gladiator Body Harness
  • Description:Wet-look straps and solid studs keep you in check from neck to groin with Male Power's body harness. The gorgeous gladiator-inspired style fetishwear features studded pouch, studded collar and 3 body straps to cover your torso.
  • Price:$38.99
  • Late X Collection Penetrator Latex Dildo Pants
  • Description:We all love a secret, especially when that secret's as thrilling as this one. These glossy latex trunks not only hug your hips for fab fetish style, but are fitted with a thick, ribbed anal dildo for sublime covert stimulation at home (and away)...
  • Price:$38.99
  • Renegade Rubber Latex Wear Dildo Pants with Sheath
  • Description:Well hey there, Captain Tight Pants. Lightweight and form-fitting, these latex briefs have a molded sheath for the penis and testicles that stretches with you to fit perfectly, allowing you to experiment with super-sleek penetration play during wear.
  • Price:$29.99
  • Rubber Girl Latex Wear High Waisted Pants
  • Description:Take inspiration from the Fifties with a provocative fetish twist in these retro-inspired high-waisted pants. Let the latex hug your figure, accentuating your curves with a high-beam shine, and pair with a vintage bullet bra for a pin-up look.
  • Price:$26.99
  • Rubber Girl Latex Wear Posing Pants
  • Description:Hellishly hot, these super low rise briefs have a curved waistline to accentuate natural curves and a high leg to assist in creating a divine hourglass look. The perfect accompaniment to a full rubber outfit or team with gloves for a bare-body thrill.
  • Price:$18.99
  • Svenjoyment Wet Look Shorts
  • Description:Who wears short shorts? Long enough to cover the buttocks but short enough to show plenty of leg, these sexy wet-look shorts are made from sumptuous wet look fabric with a high-gloss shine that accentuates your package for irresistible style.
  • Price:$22.99
  • Renegade Rubber Latex Briefs with Sheath
  • Description:Take your latex play to the next level with these sexy sheath briefs for gents. Their high-quality molded latex smooths your skin and offers a deliciously tight sensation, with the external penile cover allow you to wear them even during penetration.
  • Price:$24.99
  • Renegade Rubber Latex Pants with Erection Ring
  • Description:Strong, stretchy, and package-boosting in design, these kinky kecks are a must-have for any rubber lover who likes it strong and hard. Made from a smooth molded latex that hugs your shape, they're ideal for fetishist foreplay and frolics.
  • Price:$29.99
  • Rubber Girl High Cut Latex Shorts
  • Description:Make like Kylie and grab yourself a pair of booty-hugging hot pants for a stunning shape. Clinging to your curves, the scarlet latex accentuates the contours of your booty with its gleaming finish and high-cut style. Now who's a 'Red Blooded Woman'?
  • Price:$19.99
  • Female Chain G-String with Elasticated Straps
  • Description:Wear this discreet chastity string under your clothing for sensual sensations all day, or in the bedroom as part of an erotic sub outfit. Apply a little water based lube to the metalwork to experience delicious clitoral stimulation from the sleek chain.
  • Price:$22.99
  • Music Legs Wet Look Zip Up Shorts
  • Description:Sexy is an understatement with these wet look hot pants, whose high-beam, reflecting fabric accentuates your killer curves. Hugging your butt and sitting high on the waist, they're made to maximise your assets, and zip on tight to ensure a slinky fit.
  • Price:$16.99
  • Rubber Girl Latex Wear Rubber Spanking Skirt Red
  • Description:Wiggle and strut with the skin-clinging style of a pencil skirt wedded with the bare-all exhibitionism of a totally exposed bottom. 2 pert cheeks peep out from the deeps of this red latex skirt, looking for a hand that can deal them a delicious spanking.
  • Price:$29.99
  • Sexy Latex G-String with Soft Lining
  • Description:Complete your lascivious latex look with this innovative wet-look g-string. Made from an innovative material called Datex, this barely-there underwear features a polishable latex rubber outer and soft fabric lining for super easy wear, even without talc.
  • Price:$9.99
  • Late X Collection Latex Dildo Panties
  • Description:Don't get your panties in a twist. Pick up a pair of pants with their own twist and enjoy extra kinky pleasure during wear. Made from super-skintight seamless latex, these undies hide a lifelike dildo that aims for your hottest spot for secret thrills.
  • Price:$54.99
  • Latex Crotchless Panties
  • Description:Strip off and show off these latex panties as a teasing surprise for your fetishwear-loving partner. And just when they think you've got nothing else to hide, allow them to discover the open crotch and see their kindled lust fan into wildfire desire.
  • Price:$16.99
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