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Costumes For Men

  • LHM Male Stripper Kit
  • Description:Channing Tatum's got nothing on you in this tux-style collar and cuff set with Velcro fastenings. Perfect for playing beefy butlers, well-proportioned waiters, or indulging a Bond-esque fantasy, all you need to add is some Donna Summer and a cheeky smile.
  • Price:$8.99
  • Svenjoyment Satin Sexy Waiter Short Set
  • Description:'Waiter, there appears to be a bulge in your shorts.' Well, don't tell everyone, or they'll all want one. Containing skintight Lycra zip-fronted shorts, a bow tie, and brilliant white cuffs, this sexy waiter's outfit is ideal for a serving of sex appeal.
  • Price:$26.99
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