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Nipple Tassels & Pasties

  • Silicone Breast Cleavage Enhancers Nude
  • Description:Wow the world with your weighty wackazammas when you pop these silicone breast enhancers into your bra. Offering an increase of two whole cup sizes and designed to sit snugly in B to DD cups, you'll soon go from an espresso to a grande.
  • Price:$36.99
  • Peekaboo Premium Cross Pattern Nipple Pasties
  • Description:Ab fab is an understatement when it comes to these nipple pasties. In a simple cross shape, one with a leathery snakeskin effect and the other in plain black, they make a dramatic and sexy accessory to your hooters for irresistible burlesque charm.
  • Price:$11.99
  • Peekaboo Premium Heart Shaped Nipple Pasties
  • Description:Make hearts go boom boom boom and cheeks blush crimson red with Peekaboo's heart-shaped nipple pasties. A must-have for all burlesque-style lover's or aficionados, they transform an outfit, lingerie set or au naturel look quicker than you can say nipple.
  • Price:$8.99
  • Peekaboo Premium Star Shaped Nipple Pasties
  • Description:Calling all burlesque beauties. Peekaboo's star-shaped nipple pasties add a sexy cosmic finish to your boobies and routine, shimmering with silver satin and glitter to catch the eye. Includes 2 pairs with self-adhesive backing strips for easy wear.
  • Price:$9.99
  • Peekaboo Premium Stolen Kisses X Nipple Pasties
  • Description:Shower your nipples in kisses with Peekaboo's nipple pasties. X-shaped for an x-rated look, wear them as nipple covers under sheer clothing or go au naturel with nothing on but self-adhesive crosses. In metallic red and black with lip prints.
  • Price:$9.99
  • Bristols Six Nippies Nude Nipple Pasties
  • Description:Avoid an embarrassing nip slip incident with these self-adhesive nipple covers. Allowing you to go braless or wear revealing sheer fabrics without flashing your love buttons, these handy covers are washable and re-usable for up to 20 wears.
  • Price:$24.99
  • Hollywood Curves Magic Styling Tit Tape
  • Description:Enjoy plunging necklines without fear of exposure with this super-strong Magic Styling Tit Tape from Hollywood Curves. Specially designed double-sided tit tape to keep clothes firmly in place without the need for a bra.
  • Price:$9.99
  • Hollywood Curves Self-Adhesive Silicone Nipple Covers
  • Description:Don your skimpiest dress and head out for a night in town with the complete confidence of zero nip-slips. Ideal for use with or without a bra, the pasties eliminate the worry of visible nipples and make wardrobe malfunctions a thing of the past.
  • Price:$12.99
  • Hollywood Curves Self-Adhesive Satin Nipple Covers (5 Sets)
  • Description:Feeling cold or planning to wear a sheer outfit? We have the answer. Ideal for smoothing and shaping your nipples under bra-less outfits, these satin nipple covers come in a pretty flower design and are incredibly easy to use.
  • Price:$7.99
  • Hollywood Curves Silicone Breast Enhancers
  • Description:Instantly boost your breasts into attention-grabbing bazoomers with these reusable silicone enhancers. Discreetly positioned inside your bra cups, these soft inserts create an incredible cleavage for instant sex appeal and body confidence.
  • Price:$29.99
  • Lovehoney Sequin Nipple Tassels Black
  • Description:Shimmy your way to Dita Von Teese-style seduction with our sequin nipple tassels. Slip them over your attentive admirals and mesmerise your lover with your every movement. Wear as a lingerie accessory or go au naturel with a little added glamor.
  • Price:$8.99
  • Lovehoney Sequin Nipple Tassels
  • Description:Prepare for a twirl off with Dita Von Teese as our red sequin nipple tassels mesmerise and gleam with your every movement. Stick them over your attentive admirals to accessorise sexy lingerie sets or simply your body in its full buff glory.
  • Price:$8.99
  • Peekaboo Premium Heart Schoolgirl Nipple Pasties Set
  • Description:Show them you're a model student in these fun and sexy nipple pasties from Peekaboo. Whether it's as a quirky cover-up beneath revealing dresses, or to tease and tantalise in your sexy school uniform, your sex appeal is set to shoot through the roof.
  • Price:$11.99
  • Peekaboo Premium Kisses Schoolgirl Nipple Pasties Set
  • Description:Play the model student in these cheeky schoolgirl pasties from Peekaboo. Each set contains two pairs of cross-shaped self-adhesive nipple covers: choose from tantalising tartan, or sensual black satin.
  • Price:$11.99
  • Lovehoney Sequin Nipple Tassels Pink
  • Description:You spin me right round, baby, right round... Get set to shimmy the night away in these glitzy pink and black nipple tassels. Perfect for a frisky burlesque show or strip tease, all you have to do is practice your twirls for maximum showgirl impact.
  • Price:$8.99
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